XORRO: Rapid Paired-End Read Overlapper

XORRO: Rapid Paired-End Read Overlapper
Russell J. Dickson, Gregory B. Gloor
(Submitted on 16 Apr 2013)

Background: Computational analysis of next-generation sequencing data is outpaced by data generation in many cases. In one such case, paired-end reads can be produced from the Illumina sequencing method faster than they can be overlapped by downstream analysis. The advantages in read length and accuracy provided by overlapping paired-end reads demonstrates the necessity for software to efficiently solve this problem.
Results: XORRO is an extremely efficient paired-end read overlapping program. XORRO can overlap millions of short paired-end reads in a few minutes. It uses 64-bit registers with a two bit alphabet to represent sequences and does comparisons using low-level logical operations like XOR, AND, bitshifting and popcount.
Conclusions: As of the writing of this manuscript, XORRO provides the fastest solution to the paired-end read overlap problem. XORRO is available for download at: sourceforge.net/projects/xorro-overlap/

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