Differential Evolution Approach to Detect Recent Admixture

Differential Evolution Approach to Detect Recent Admixture

Konstantin Kozlov , Dmitry Chebotarov , Mehedi Hassan , Petr Triska , Martin Triska , Pavel Flegontov , Tatiana V Tatarinova
doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1101/015446

The genetic structure of human populations is extraordinarily complex and of fundamental importance to studies of anthropology, evolution, and medicine. As increasingly many individuals are of mixed origin, there is an unmet need for tools that can infer multiple origins. Misclassification of such individuals can lead to incorrect and costly misinterpretations of genomic data, primarily in disease studies and drug trials. We present an advanced tool to infer ancestry that can identify the biogeographic origins of highly mixed individuals. reAdmix can incorporate individual’s knowledge of ancestors (e.g. having some ancestors from Turkey or a Scottish grandmother). reAdmix is an online tool available at http://chcb.saban-chla.usc.edu/reAdmix/.


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