SWEEPFINDER2: Increased sensitivity, robustness, and flexibility

SWEEPFINDER2: Increased sensitivity, robustness, and flexibility
Michael DeGiorgio, Christian D. Huber, Melissa J. Hubisz, Ines Hellmann, Rasmus Nielsen
Subjects: Populations and Evolution (q-bio.PE)

SweepFinder is a popular program that implements a powerful likelihood-based method for detecting recent positive selection, or selective sweeps. Here, we present SweepFinder2, an extension of SweepFinder with increased sensitivity and robustness to the confounding effects of mutation rate variation and background selection, as well as increased flexibility that enables the user to examine genomic regions in greater detail and to specify a fixed distance between test sites. Moreover, SweepFinder2 enables the use of invariant sites for sweep detection, increasing both its power and precision relative to SweepFinder.


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