Species Tree Estimation from Genome-wide Data with Guenomu

Species Tree Estimation from Genome-wide Data with Guenomu

Leonardo de Oliveira Martins, David Posada
doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1101/023861

The history of particular genes and that of the species that carry them can be different due to different reasons. In particular, gene trees and species trees can truly differ due to well-known evolutionary processes like gene duplication and loss, lateral gene transfer or incomplete lineage sorting. Different species tree reconstruction methods have been developed to take this incongruence into account, which can be divided grossly into supertree and supermatrix approaches. Here, we introduce a new Bayesian hierarchical model that we have recently developed and implemented in the program Guenomu, that considers multiple sources of gene tree/species tree disagreement. Guenomu takes as input the posterior distributions of unrooted gene tree topologies for multiple gene families, in order to estimate the posterior distribution of rooted species tree topologies.


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