Hot RAD: A Tool for Analysis of Next-Gen RAD Tag Data

Hot RAD: A Tool for Analysis of Next-Gen RAD Tag Data
Lauren A. Assour, Nicholas LaRosa, Scott J. Emrich

Restriction site Associated DNA (RAD) tagging (also known as RAD-seq, etc.) is an emerging method for analyzing an organism’s genome without completely sequencing it. This can be applied to a non-model organism without a reference genome, though this creates the problem of how to begin data analysis on unmapped and unannotated reads. Our program, Hot RAD, presents a straightforward and easy-to-use method to take raw Illumina data that has been RAD tagged and produce consensus contigs or sequence stacks using a distributed framework, creating a basis on which to begin analyzing an organism’s DNA. The GUI (graphical user interface) element of our tool makes it easy for those not familiar with the command line to take raw sequence files and produce usable data in a timely manner.


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